Getting Started with MoveLab® Connect

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First Login (10 seconds)

Step 1: Add a Patient (30 seconds)

You will need the patient's; Name, Email, and Phone Number

Step 2: Create an Assessment (10-60 seconds)

We provide templates of common movements for you to chose from. If you wish to assign an assessment which is not included in our templates you will need; A video clip of the movement you would like your patient to perform, and a written description.
New assessment review page

The assessment will now be available for the patient to perform. Once an assessment has been performed by a patient it will be logged for both patient and clinician to view and you will receive an email to notify you.

Step 4: Viewing Patient Logs

You can view a patient's progress or deterioration on the homepage using the dropdown arrow. For more detail click on your patient's name to navigate to their page

Patient overview summary page

In the 'Patient logs' tab, click on the name of the log you are interested in

Patient logs page

You will then be presented with detailed data and an avatar view of the patient performing their assessment

Individual patient log page

Assessment Templates

Bodyweight Squat

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Engage core and keep chest up.
3. Push hips back and bend knees.
4. Lower body until thighs are parallel to ground.
5. Keep knees aligned with toes.
6. Drive through heels to stand up.
7. Repeat for desired repetitions.

Link to download the video

Download Bodyweight Squat

Elbow Flexion and Extension

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Begin with arms at your sides and elbow extended.
3. Try to keep your elbow and upper arm still during the movement.
4. Slowly bend your elbow as far as is comfortable, to raise your forearm.
5. Once you have reached maximum flexion, slowly extend your elbow as far as is comfortable.
6. Repeat for desired repetitions.

Link to download the video

Download Elbow Flexion & Extension

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